My name is Sherri Tate, and I am  encouraged that you would be considering biblical counseling, either for yourself, a family member or a friend.  We certainly need each other to navigate through the storms of life.  I know that I could not do "this" by myself, and in the past years have received lots of help from the body of Christ to help me learn to walk in ways that honor the Lord, and plant my feet on Christ, the Solid Rock.

​I lived for many years calling myself a Christian,  trying to "pick myself up by my bootstraps" until I literally collapsed under the weight of my sins and sins of others against me.  I could not discern the difference and did not have the wisdom or the tools to navigate the things I needed to navigate.  I tried desperately to walk with Christ, but in fact,  came to the end of myself, beaten and bruised by the world, thinking that my life was over at 52.  

In 2014, I began biblical counseling and my life began to make sense as I looked at my sin and suffering through the grid of Scripture.  I began to understand the Gospel and how to apply it to my life .  The Lord delivered me out of very hard, abusive situations, and  allowed me to experience the love of Christ FOR MYSELF for the first time.  

Since then, I have received my certification in biblical counseling, my concentration being on helping women that have experienced sexual abuse, domestic violence and controlling/dominating relationships.

If you or your loved one is in an abusive relationship or struggling with the long term effects of an abusive relationship, I would be honored to meet and work through the storms that come concerning these.​​

Sherri Tate​​​

Abuse Counseling


In order to achieve lasting and ongoing change, it is vital that you be established in a local church. If you do not have a church home, I would be glad to help you find one. God’s design is that change in your life take place in the context of community. Your pastor and church leaders are charged with the responsibility to oversee your spiritual growth and health. This counseling ministry is not intended to take the place of the local church, but rather to come alongside and support it by strengthening its members.

I welcome pastors, elders or a mature godly woman to accompany you to your counseling sessions. Please feel free to invite someone who can encourage you and hold you accountable during the counseling process. If you are married and your husband desires to speak with me, he is welcome to email me his concerns or come with you to a session.


Please print out this Personal Data Information form and this Consent to Counsel form, fill them out, and bring them to your first appointment.


The counseling fee is $50.00 dollars per session. Payment is due at the time of service. Make checks payable to “Daughter By Design".  The cost of homework materials is also the responsibility of the counselee and also needs to be paid for on the day it is purchased. If you are unable to pay the counseling fee or materials, please consider talking with your family members or church family for financial assistance. Oftentimes churches are willing to pay all or half of the counseling fee. Please speak to me further if you are in need of financial help. I don’t want finances to keep anyone from seeking Biblical counsel. We will work together!


I will send you a reminder via text the day before your appointment. Thank you for being courteous of my time by canceling 24-hours ahead of your scheduled appointment.

Please text me at 334-398-4232.


Young Meadows Presbyterian Church 

5780 Vaughn Road

Enter on the east side of the building through the door under the striped awning.  Ring the bell in order to be buzzed in.

COPYRIGHT & DISCLAIMER COPYRIGHT© 2017  DAUGHTER BY DESIGN.  We are not medical professionals and none of our opinions should be taken as medical or professional advice. 


Your counseling session will last approximately 60-75 minutes. The frequency of sessions will be recommended on a case-by-case basis. Counseling is most effective when it is consistent. However, the goal of biblical counseling is to equip and resource you to counsel yourself from the Scriptures for present and future struggles. It is not intended to be a long term endeavor.


While face to face counseling is always preferred, I am able to hold Facetime and Skype sessions. If you are looking for a certified biblical counselor in your area, you can search for one in your state and city.


Homework is an integral part of the biblical counseling process. It takes the counseling from the office to real life and encourages a deepening dependence on the Lord. Homework may include reading and listening materials, lists or logs, journaling, Scripture memory, Bible studies, as well as practical living assignments. Your effort and commitment to complete the assignments is very important. You will need to bring all completed homework with you to your counseling sessions.

The LORD your God is among you,

He is mighty to save. 

He will rejoice over you with gladness. 

He will quiet you with His love,

He will rejoice over you with singing."

Zephaniah 3:17