About Us

Daughter By Design is a community-based outreach to women that are hurting.  We minister to women through one-on-one counseling and specific biblical-based small group formats, endeavoring to: 

Sherri Tate

Daughter by Design

Executive Director

I am  encouraged that you would be considering biblical counseling, either for yourself, a family member or a friend.  We certainly need each other to navigate through the storms of life.  I know that I could not do "this" by myself, and in the past years have received lots of support  from the body of Christ to help me learn to walk in ways that honor the Lord, and plant my feet on Christ, the Solid Rock.

​I lived for many years, calling myself a Christian,  trying to "pick myself up by my bootstraps" until I literally collapsed under the weight of my sins and my suffering.  I could not discern the difference and did not have the wisdom or the tools to navigate the things I needed to navigate.  I tried desperately to walk with Christ, but in fact,  came to the end of myself, beaten and bruised by the world, thinking that my life was over at 52.  

In 2014, I began biblical counseling and my life began to make sense as I looked at my sin and suffering through the grid of Scripture.  I began to understand the Gospel and how to apply it to my life .  The Lord delivered me out of very hard, abusive situations, and  allowed me to experience the love of Christ FOR MYSELF for the first time.  

Since then, I have received my certification in biblical counseling, my concentration being on helping women that have experienced sexual abuse, domestic violence and controlling/dominating relationships. I also am certified by The Allender Center in Narrative Focused Trauma Care.

If you or your loved one is in an abusive relationship or struggling with the long term effects of an abusive relationship, I would be honored to meet and work through the storms that come concerning these.​​​  

You are not alone!!!!  Reach out and receive care for your heart.

  • teach women what it means to be a Daughter By Design with God as our Father.

  • teach women about our "original design"--WHO God created us to be before the Fall.

  • help women grow and mature in their relationship with God, their self and others. 

  • create safe environments for women to begin to deal with past hurts.

  • help women understand the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy relationship.

  • help women understand the dynamics of abuse and the effect it has had on their life, specifically domestic violence and sexual abuse.

We are not medical professionals and none of our opinions should be taken as medical advise.